Decision Analytics

VAA’s decision analytics and support

The BIG questions

From a foundation of creating, capturing and communicating value, VAA is able to order, frame and inform questions such as:

  • Do we have any evidence that our strategy is right?
  • How do we know that our exploration (or R&D) portfolio is going to provide the maximum possible pay-off?
  • In a capital-constrained world, which projects should be axed?
  • How do we respond to a takeover?
  • Have we constructed the optimal portfolio of projects or assets?
  • How do we recover from massive asset write-downs?
  • Is this acquisition truly value-accretive?
  • Do we have the capacity to endure a continued high AUD?
  • Is our IT project cost and delivery failure terminal?
  • Can we achieve our targets with the current supply chain logistics?

Every company is confronted with uncertainties such as

  • What is the AUD exchange rate trajectory?
  • Is our trading partner credit-worthiness likely to reduce?
  • Will we be confronted with further capital market dislocation due to European debt issues?
  • How does domestic non-resources economy weakness impact our sales targets?
  • Does China growth slow-down impact the timing of new mine development?
  • Do increasing fuel and travel costs change our FIFO strategy?
  • Are the design and capacity assumptions of our business optimal or even achieveable?

Flexibility is valuable and can add significantly to shareholder value outcomes….but only if the uncertainties are successfully anticipated and managed.

Analysis, by itself, will not lead to good decisions. Good decisions rely on a combination of imagination (crucial to successfully envisioning potential failure states and success modes), structured analysis and confidence that all major uncertainties have been considered.

Specialist capability to support reliable answers

Tools that provide order and structure to major decisions and help navigate critical market uncertainties including:

  • Future Framing toolkit
  • Market entry modelling
  • Probabilistic financial modelling
  • Optimisation and decision analysis tools
  • Shareholder value, capital market pricing and valuation methodologies
  • Consultants with real-world experience in successfully communicating complex issues at board, investor and senior management level.

VAA works with senior management and boards to support critical value-creating and management decisions

  • Port operator: acquisition decision support 
  • Services business: acquisition portfolio decision support
  • Infrastructure fund manager: negotiation support for rail asset sale
  • Construction company: shareholder value analytics for management decisions
  • Non-bank lender: long-term incentive plan enhancements
  • Port owner: container terminal acquisition negotiation support
  • Major LNG project developer: power/water supply decision support
  • Carbon capture & storage project developer: business case development
  • UK infrastructure developer: Australian portfolio review
  • Super fund investor: wealth management acquisition decision support

7 steps to reliable decisions