Mark to Market Valuations

Value Adviser Associates has a structured and well-defined system for the valuation of unlisted assets. Underpinned by a “Porter meets Buffet” philosophy, our approach is based on gaining insights into all drivers of value that impact an asset or business.

The valuation approach is founded in the view that economic conditions, the business’s strategy, competitive position and regulatory environment are critical to an assessment of the likely future cashflows and, therefore, value.

Key activities in our valuations include:

  • Developing an understanding of the asset’s operating profile, strategy and underlying assumptions of its owners in operating and developing the asset
  • Gaining an understanding of the industry sector/market and which the asset participates and its competitive position within that market
  • Assessing the financial performance of the asset on a cash flow basis, both historical as well as future
  • Assessing and developing views on the capital markets and the impacts on the asset valuation specifically and the industry sector more broadly
  • Assessing the capital structure of the asset for both current and alternate value creating options
  • Understanding key contractual (revenue & supply-side) arrangements and shareholder agreements