Financial Modelling

VAA provides a comprehensive suite of model and audit review services to provide clients with confidence that their spreadsheets are free from errors.

We have skilled modellers who can complete any rectification work or lead the development of high-quality spreadsheet models.

VAA provides financial modelling services through three sub-services:

  • Model review
  • Model audit
  • Model build

The model auditing process

We use industry-standard spreadsheet diagnostic tools that can assist in the detection of likely errors. By analysing your model with these tools, areas of concern can be quickly identified.

The following model components are recognised as key error contributors:

  • Formula complexity, relating to the number of unique formulas in a spreadsheet
  • External link, which can easily become invalid, corrupt or point to an incorrect cell
  • Formula inconsistency, where a constant formula should apply across all columns

Your model is compared to an extensive library of models and results, providing a relative risk ranking.

A brief report is prepared that outlines the risks found in your model, and the steps required to repair your spreadsheet.


3 steps to an error free spreadsheet