Dispute Advisory

Value Adviser Associates has extensive experience assisting parties involved in commercial and regulatory disputes.

We offer clear, admissible and credible expert opinions on loss/damages, solvency, financial irregularities, financial compliance and valuation of intangible assets.  VAA’s disputes practice  more than just provides valuation opinions in a dispute, our expert reports cover a wide range of financial opinions and can be used to establish financial facts which can be used to establish a cause of action, help resolve disputes or fight them in court if needed. 

The depth of our experience covers all types of disputes (eg contractual, torts, regulatory, tax, intellectual property, property, class action, employment, family law, insurance, etc) across virtually all industries.  We have written reports for the Superior courts in Australia and overseas as well as tribunals and other court jurisdictions.  Our expert reports very often result in matters settling prior to the hearing completing, however, our experts on occasions have given oral testimony in different courts.  We always prepare our expert reports on the basis that the expert will be cross-examined in court.

VAA’s dispute practice is led by an experienced forensic accountant who specialises in writing independent expert witness reports for use in courts, tribunals, ADR and insurance purposes.  The dispute practice blends our team’s wide ranging technical expertise held by our team with a dedicated professional who specialises in writing unbiased, clear and understandable reports for use in courts;

Our directors and Advisory Committee members have provided expert testimony and reports in various jurisdictions including:

  • Federal Court
  • Supreme Court (Vic)
  • WA State Administrative Tribunal
  • Telecommunications Ombudsman hearing
  • Australian Electricity Regulator hearing
  • Administrative Tribunal hearing
  • South Australian water regulator

Our clients include large ASX-listed companies, infrastructure owners, revenue authorities (Australia and New Zealand), shareholders in unlisted businesses, partners in unincorporated businesses, parties involved in Family Law disputes and individuals who have suffered personal injury.

We are well-versed in the requirements and expectations of the Federal Court Expert Witness Guidelines and share the judicial philosophy and objective of seeking answers to commercial and regulatory problems with an open, independent and unbiased mind.

Value Adviser Associates’ team have been involved in a wide variety of disputes involving valuation and valuation-related issues including: 

  • Economic loss assessment
  • Loss of profit calculations
  • Damages assessments
  • Forensic valuations
  • Complex international transfer pricing disputes
  • Valuations in relation to shareholder matters
  • Value of minority discounts in shareholder disputes
  • Complex valuation issues involving securities and cross-border transactions
  • Business valuations in relation to tax and non-tax based disputes
  • Goodwill and other intangible asset valuations
  • Value determinations of supply agreements
  • Expert testimony

As an independent, specialist valuation firm, Value Adviser Associates is free of many of the commercial and actual conflicts which constrain multi-service firms such as audit and insolvency practices.