Our objective is to provide our clients with an opinion of basis for decision which, having considered all other major risks and returns in a transparent manner, is accepted by all stakeholders as reliable.  

All major assumptions are presented so that our work can be replicated by our client or other valuation professionals should there be a dispute or a user wishes to overlay a different view of the future. Every business faces uncertainties as to the future it will confront.  Business valuers are not equipped with a "crystal ball" and often the key to a reliable valuation is the insight presented to the possible futures which might emerge.

We have seen many valuations which have been the cause of lengthy disputes because of a single, fixed view of the future. Where the future is laden with particular uncertainties (such as exploration success or market adoption) we often employ stochastic tools (such as real option valuation and Monte Carlo analysis) to assess the most likely future and to provide insight to the range of possible outcomes.

As valuation specialists, we understand the importance of a valuation based on sound method and evidence. The quality of our opinions and the conclusions we make are the foundation of our reputation.