Our Clients

VAA’s purpose is to create and crystallise transparent value.

We bring together three critical competencies to achieve this: 

  • Strategy
  • Capital markets
  • Financial analysis 

Together, this combination of clarity of purpose and competencies enables us to consistently deliver great outcomes in valuations and mergers and acquisitions. Every day VAA is focussed on the single-minded objective of creating, capturing and communicating value for our clients.

Client benefits 

  • Our valuation opinions are supported by the robust application of sound finance principles and extensive experience in application
  • Our senior staff typically have 20+ years of experience and subsequently our profile and scale provides a sustained intimate carriage of valuation engagements from start to finish.
  • We bring a deep understanding and appreciation for the need to validate analysis with meaningful comparables drawn from relevant transaction and the capital markets.
  • The experience and wisdom provided by our pre-eminent Advisory Committee and associates is deployed on all appropriate value engagements we undertake. Our clients benefit from the input and insights these resources offer.
  • Reliable valuations are founded on the diligent enquiry to the most appropriate questions. Our senior staff execute valuations thoughtfully which usually results in a more insightful and cost effective result for our clients. 

Our clients include a diverse range of firms across the economy. The types of clients we service include:

  • ASX-listed corporations
  • Large private companies
  • Accounting firms
  • Law firms
  • Superannuation funds
  • Fund managers and investment banks
  • Family offices and high-net-wealth individuals
  • Private equity firms
  • Taxation authorities (State and Federal)  

Panel Valuers for: 

  • ESCOSA - Essential Services Commission of South Australia
  • ATO - Australian Tax Office
  • WA OSR - Western Australian Office of State Revenue
  • SA Water- South Australian Water Corporation
  • Department of Finance- Business Advisory Services
  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science